The Departure

by Squirt guns

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released November 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Squirt guns Kathmandu, Nepal

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Track Name: Perfect Life
A struggle for perfect life,
You're living through a perfect lie
Happiness you'll never see
' cause satisfied you'll never be
(Live your perfect life)*5
Perfect life, perfect world, perfect life, perfect world
perfect life, perfect world, perfect imperfect lie..
Track Name: Two Face
Deception! You're in disguise
Hatred lies in your eyes
Compassion within your smile
Intention rotten and vile
Hostile, but can't be seen
Words your are nice and clean
Sharp knife, U stabbed me with
Hard life! Thrown in a pit.
Repeat verse
(Two...... face..... fuck!!)*2
Track Name: Something's Wrong
Most of the time you say I'm out of line
But why would I complain if I'm doing fine?
I got no job, I got no money
Sometimes I think is really funny
How the rich get richer while I stay poor
It's kinda hard to have fun when life treats you like a whore
I've been screwed here, I've been screwed there
Hell, I've been screwed every fuckin where
(Something's wrong)*3
It's not that I don't try not to be sad
But with happiness comes with a big price tag
I've been outcasted, I've been ostracized
Coz my point of view doesn't coincide
With the rotting thoughts of this conformist society
Who prey on the poor and worship the mighty
Pursuit of happiness is up for sale
And the ones who're buying are the ones with no brains
Repeat chorus*4
Repeat chorus*8
Track Name: Tell-Lie-Vision
A clear picture that you thought
you got from your television
Brainwashing.. Manipulating..
Creating a sick addiction
Advertisements got you running
for shit you don't even need
Shitty shows and shitty music,
filthy lives of celebrities

Sorry for the interruption
Tune into your tel-lie-vision

They tell you who to fear,
who to trust and who to vote
can't you see they're bending truth
with bullshit overload?
You might think you're smart
'cause you think you've got your newsfeed right
You might think it will
but the revolution won't be televised.

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Futility of Existence
Useless existence!!
There is absolutely no point for our presence
This fulity leaves me so over-fucking-whelmed!
The more I see the less I know
'Cause nothing seems to make sense
(Useless existence... What are we here for?)*2
Useless existence!!

Are we here for some kind of elaborate mission?
'Cause all I see that we're nothing but a nuisance
This atrocity that we brought
It doesn't seem to make sense


It's all just so tragic (Useless)
This so called human exist-ence (Existence)
is just so vague..
like a vile disease (What are we here for?)
Rotten to the core!
Rotten we turn more!(Existence)
Try not hard to seek a meaning..(What are we here for?)

(Useless existence... What are we here for?)*4
(Useless existence)*2
Track Name: Turn The Page
(Hatred lies in your eyes
Entrapment in disguise
This is no life, this is no life
You kill my hopes, my dreams they die)*2

(I suffocate, I learn to hate
I learn to fake this embodiment
Of this so called human life
Of this world I now despise)*2

Anger, I burn in rage
What was once joy has now turned to rage
Pull the plug, just turn the page
Turn the page, turn the page

Anger, I burn in rage
What was once joy has now turned to rage
Pull the plug, just turn the page
Turn the page, turn the fucking page
Track Name: Temptation
Try not to resist
The force that still persists
Your senses start to fail
Temptation is a bliss..

Falling for it, falling for it, falling for it, falling....

Temptation around me..
Temptation surrounds me
It's on the TV screen
It's everywhere I see...

(A call for domination
Give in to temptation
This fragile human nature
Fall for your temptation)*2
(Falling... For it... Falling... For it..)*2